About enterprise

Technolit is a specialized plant for the production of components and spare parts for automotive, road, railway, agricultural, construction and special equipment.

We produce a wide range of piston and O-rings, cylinder liners, bushings, discs and other parts such as bodies of rotation for various purposes from special wear-resistant cast irons obtained by the new “freezing” casting method, for the development and industrial implementation of which we were awarded the State Prize in Science and Technology.

The technology of casting by “freezing” is protected by copyright certificates and patents and provides previously unattainable plastic and wear-resistant properties of cast irons, which allows them to successfully replace alloyed steels and bronze in critical units.

The quality management system of design and production of products is certified according to ISO 9001-2009 (№ BY / 112 05.01.008 1096), labor protection – according to OSHMS 18001-2009.

Technolit is a registered trademark – a stork with a piston ring in its beak: the stork is a symbol of Belarus, and Technolit is the first company in Belarus specializing in the production of piston rings.

Founded in 1997, it employs more than 240 people, the average age of employees is 35 years. The enterprise has production buildings equipped with all types of modern metal-cutting equipment of world machine-tool companies: Mazak (Japan), DMG (Germany), Victor (Taiwan) and others. The Technolit’s calling card is rightfully considered to be “freezing” casting, which has no analogues in the world.

Among the regular consumers of our products are Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC, BelAZ OJSC, MAZ OJSC, Belorusskaya Railway OJSC, MZKT OJSC, Gomselmash OJSC, Hydromash OJSC, Borisov Aggregates Plant OJSC “, PJSC” KAMAZ “, NPO” Turbotekhnika “, OJSC” Penzadieselmash “, OJSC” Ural compressor plant “, locomotive depots, tank repair, ship repair and other factories and repair enterprises in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries – over 200 permanent buyers.

The company’s products have been awarded numerous quality certificates and consumer gratitude. Technolit has been repeatedly named the best enterprise in the city, region, Republic of Belarus in the production of industrial goods.