Components for agricultural and special equipment

The Technolit enterprise has been manufacturing components and spare parts for tractors of the K-700, T150, and Belarus family for more than 15 years.

We supply the entire range of products to the conveyor Minsk Tractor Plant "(since 2001) and St. Petersburg Tractor Plant" (since 2009). We work with more than 60 regular customers engaged in the repair of gearboxes and the sale of spare parts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus , Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

During our work, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier of high quality products.

We were awarded the diploma of the best supplier of Minsk Tractor Plant OJSC.

Technolit also manufactures components for mining equipment of BelAZ OJSC and road equipment of MAZ OJSC. We supply a number of components to the conveyor of these plants. So, O-rings for hydromechanical transmissions, including those with labyrinth seals, made according to our technology, can practically eliminate oil leaks, thereby increasing the efficiency of the unit.

We manufacture components for PTOs from castings obtained by freeze casting, which increases their resource, in comparison with other casting methods.

We manufacture a crown clutch for the variator of the Gomselmash combine harvester, obtained by freeze casting instead of sintered powder alloy, thereby increasing the mechanical strength of the product and the reliability of the assembly.

Components for agricultural and special equipment