Since 2009, we have been supplied piston rings for all types of engines and compressors, that are used by Belarusian Railways. Since 2012, we have started serial deliveries of piston rings for engines of JSC "Penzadizelmash". Rings for diesels that had an improved design, taking into account modern requirements for materials, that are used in the sphere of engine industry.

O-rings for turbochargers, including O-rings with a special labyrinth seal, with a diameter from 9 to 85 mm, are made of cast iron with a spherical graphite. We complete Assembly lines with such rings: PJSC "KAMAZ", JSC "Borisovsky plant of aggregates", SPC "Turbotekhnika", JSC "Penzadizelmash", JSC "SKBT" and supply more than 50 repair and production organizations in Belarus, Russia and other countries.

Among the regular consumers of our products there are JSC "Belarusian railway", JSC "Minsk tractor plant", RJSC "BelAZ", RJSC "Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant", PJSC "KAMAZ", SPC "Turbotechnika", JSC "Penzadizelmash", JSC "The 140th repair plant", as well as railways' locomotive depots, tank repair, ship repair and other plants and repair enterprises in Belarus, Russia and other countries with a total sum of more than 250 regular customers. By the way, "Technolit" has also mastered the production of cylinder liners for railway, marine and special equipment.

We produce sleeves made of high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite (HF-80), alloyed cast iron with plate graphite, and special steels. Sleeves that were made of 38X2MYA steel's type are subjected to the process of ion-plasma nitriding, which increases the wear resistance of the sleeves and the life of the engine.

Cast iron liners that have been obtained by the "NCLN" method have a highly dispersed structure, as well as increased mechanical properties. The sleeve with this structure has increased wear resistance, which increases the service life of the CPU and the engine as a whole.

The company's products are awarded numerous quality certificates and consumer appreciation. Technolit has been repeatedly named the best enterprise in the city, region, and Republic of Belarus in the field of industrial goods production.