Cylinder liner 0210.04.002-3-T

Cylinder liner 0210.04.002-3-T
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Technolit produces cylinder liners 0210.04.002-3-T for railway, ship and special equipment. We produce sleeves both from high-strength cast iron with spherical graphite (VCh-80), alloyed cast iron with lamellar graphite, and from special steels.

Sleeves 0210.04.002-3-T made of modified cast iron undergo a process of ion-plasma nitriding, as a result of which the wear resistance of the sleeves and the service life of the engine are increased.

Sleeves from cast iron 0210.04.002-3-T, obtained by the method of "NTsLN" have a highly dispersed structure, as well as increased mechanical properties. A liner with such a structure has increased wear resistance, as a result of which both the resource of the CPG and the engine as a whole are increased.