Paintball competitions among "Tehnolit" plant coworkers

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On February the 29th, 2020, the working team of the Technolit plant has held internal paintball competitions based on the "Rubicon paintball recreation club" in Mogilev. 

Players got the opportunity not only to shoot with a paintball gun, but also with a bow.

More than 30 people-representatives of the Technolit plant members has taken part in the competition that time. The guys and girls really liked it.

Paintball is a team game with markers (air guns) shoot paint balls (gelatin shells with food paint) that break when they hit an obstacle and color it.

Special masks (helmets) protect players' faces from damage

There are two global varieties of paintball: sports and tactical.

Paintball is one of the technical sports run by DOSAAF. And every player should have: a) mandatory equipment; b) The mask; c) Marker (weapon).

The paintball mask (helmet).

A player who is on a paintball field must wear a mask that is specially made for paintball.

The marker consists of the marker itself, a gas cylinder (compressed air, carbon dioxide) and a container for balls ("Feeder" from the English, or feeder — "feeding mechanism", "loader" from English. Loader — "loader" or "hopper" from English. Hopper — "store").


A collective photo of the "Tehnolit"'s team

Game rules.

A person who gets hit by a ball and leaves a solid mark with a diameter of more than 2.5 centimeters (about a 5 — ruble coin) — from his own or someone else's, at any point, including a weapon, this person is considered marked and is eliminated from the game (raises the marker up the barrel and leaves the field).

Teams before starting...

Usually, the game continues until the end of time in sports paintball, and the game can also go in the tactical version to "respawn" or to the elimination of shot members from the game.

The rules for entering the game depend on the scenario.

Instruction about usage of a sports rifle

Before entering the court, the player must wipe all the paint from their clothes.

If there is suspicion that the opponent was hit, the player should shout: "Judge, check!» (these words are banned in a sportive variety of a paintball).

The recreation paintball club "Rubicon" may offer to play not only in paintball, but in kidball, lasertag and airsoft or a strikeball.

You can also climb the climbing wall, and visit the rope Park in Mogilev. This is one of the most modern types of active recreation.

A complete set of equipment, uniforms and balls are provided to each player.

The base of "Rubicon" is already well-known not only in Belarus, but also far beyond its borders for its 10-year experience.

Every day, the "Rubicon" recreation center hosts amateur team games in paintball, laser tag and airsoft.

Rubicon is also able to organize corporate holidays, various children's games, children's birthday parties, children's lasertag, and outdoor activities.

All you need to do is leave a request or call the phone number placed on the web-site and come with your team.

The club of "Rubicon" are guaranteed a lot of emotions and good mood!

Call: +375(29)313-60-00, +375(29)813-13-74