Our Teсhnology

 "Tehnolit"  produces a wide range of piston rings and O-rings, cylinder liners, bushings, discs and other rotation parts for various purposes from special wear-resistant cast iron produced by a new method of freeze casting; the State Prize in the field of science and technology was awarded to the company for the development and industrial implementation of this method.


   The freeze casting technology is protected by inventor’s certificates and patents and provides previously unreachable plasticity and wear resistant properties of cast irons, which makes it possible to successfully substitute alloyed steels and bronzes in high-duty units.


   The quality management system of product design and manufacture is certified according to ISO 9001-2009 (No. BY/112 05.01.008 1096), labor protection is certified according to Occupational Health, Industrial Safety and Environment Protection Management System 18001-2009.


   The use of advanced technologies and modern high-tech equipment in the production process is one of the most important directions in the company development.

   The company has modern metal-cutting equipment, including lathes, milling, grinding, drilling and honing machines.

   The machining is carried out on the new equipment manufactured by the world machine tool manufacturing companies: MAZAK (Japan), DMG (Germany), VICTOR (Taiwan), etc.


  For rings operating in conditions of limited lubrication, developed technology for hardening the surface layer with nitrogen in an environment of low-temperature plasma, which allows to obtain on the surface a hardened layer with hardness up to 650 HRV to a depth of 250...300 microns.


   To improve the running-in of the rings during the initial period of operation, the technology of galvanic tinning was mastered. This coating gives the rings anticorrosive properties during the storage period.