Accessories for meat grinders

Technolit manufactures accessories for meat grinders, sets of cutting tools made of alloy steels and special wear-resistant cast irons for the food industry: knives, knife grids (Ø140 … 300 mm), body parts, guide rings, clamping nuts, auger shanks, replaceable blades, etc. tops: K7-FVP-200, K7-FVP-160; WW – U200 – Karl Schnell and others for emulsifiers: Karl Schnell, Seydelmann, Laska, etc. We have a fleet of modern metal-cutting equipment for turning, milling, grinding and other groups of the world’s leading manufacturers: MAZAK (Japan), DMG (Germany), Victor (Taiwan), etc. We supply products to a number of meat-packing plants in Belarus and Russia: Mogilev meat-packing plant Orsha meat-packing plant Gomel meat-packing plant Zhlobin meat-packing plant Belatmit, etc. We will promptly manufacture components for your equipment repair according to your drawings, sketches and samples.

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