Accessories for quarry equipment

We manufacture components for BelAZ quarry equipment and MAZ road equipment. We supply a number of components to the conveyor of the above-mentioned factories. So, sealing rings for hydromechanical transmissions, including those with a labyrinth seal, produced using our technology, allow you to practically eliminate oil leaks, thereby increasing the efficiency of the unit. We produce components for TsOMs from castings obtained by freeze casting, which increases their resource compared to other casting methods. We produce a crown clutch for the variator of the Gomselmash grain harvester, obtained by freezing casting, instead of the sintered powder alloy, thereby increasing the mechanical strength of the product and the reliability of the unit.

Number, name The size
Components for BelAZ
7545-3545022-03 – piston Ø164,5х125
75212-8603071-01 – bushing Ø240хØ145х85
7519-8603071-01 – bushing Ø176хØ100х70
540-8603071-31 – bushing Ø128хØ80х65
75212-8603370-11 – top guide Ø300хØ275х55
75212-8603371-11 – top guide Ø350хØ325х55
7555-8603370-01 – top guide Ø186хØ165х46
7555-8603401-01 – half rings Ø175хØ157х50
75212-8603401-11 – half rings Ø287хØ265х55
75212-8603403-11 – half rings Ø337хØ315х55
7555V-8603371 – bushing Ø186хØ165,5х55
7555V-8603071 – bushing Ø144хØ80,5х80
75131-8603071 – stem sleeve Ø176хØ100,5х75
75131-8603370 – stem sleeve Ø280хØ250,5х60
75131-8603371 – top guide Ø228хØ200,5х60
75474-8603071 – bushing Ø128хØ80,5х65
548A-1709134-10 – sealing ring
548A-1709133-10 – sealing ring
548A-1709178-03 – washer
Components for MAZ
T01-503A-8603521-11 – top guide Ø92хØ80х21
T01-503A-8603522-11 – top guide Ø112хØ100х21
T01-503A-8603523-11 – top guide Ø132хØ120х21
T01-503A-8603535 – guide half ring Ø87хØ75х18,7
T01-503A-8603536 – guide half ring Ø107хØ95х18,7
T01-503A-8603537 – guide half ring Ø127хØ115х18,7
T01-503A-8603664 – bushing Ø90хØ81х6
T01-503A-8603665 – bushing Ø110хØ101х6
T01-503A-8603666 – bushing Ø130хØ121х6
T01-5232V-8603522 – top guide Ø152хØ140х24
T01-5232V-8603523 – top guide Ø172хØ160х24
T01-5232V-8603536 – guide half ring Ø147хØ135х21,7
T01-5232B-8603537 – guide half ring Ø167хØ155х21,7
T01-5232V-8603665 – bushing Ø150хØ141х6
T01-5232V-8603666 – bushing Ø170хØ151х6
T01-9506-8603522 – top guide Ø152хØ140х24
T01-9506-8603523 – top guide Ø172хØ160х24
T01-9506-8603521-030 – upper guide Ø192хØ180х24
T01-9506-8603535 – guide half ring Ø187хØ175х21,7
T01-9506-8603536-030 – guide half ring Ø144хØ135х21,7
T01-9506-8603537-030 – guide half ring Ø164хØ155х21,7
T01-9506-8603665 – bushing Ø190хØ181х6
T01-5516-8603521 – top guide Ø92хØ80х21
T01-5516-8603522 – top guide Ø112хØ100х21
T01-5516-8603523 – top guide Ø132хØ120х21
K5516-8603521-010 – upper guide Ø92хØ80х21
K5516-8603522-010 – upper guide Ø112хØ100х21
K5516-8603523-010 – upper guide Ø132хØ120х21
K9506-8603522-010 – upper guide Ø152хØ140х24
K9506-8603521-030 – upper guide
K9506-8603523-010 – upper guide Ø172хØ160х24

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