Transmission accessories

We supply rings and accessories for transmissions, GMF and GP for various equipment, for assembly lines and for repairs: MTZ since 2000 (according to TU RB 100316761.456-2000); MZKT; OJSC AMKODOR; JSC “Petersburg Tractor Plant”; Vityaz Machine-Building Company JSC; OJSC “Mytishchi Machine Building Plant”; Kaluga plant “Remputmash”; JSC “Kaluga plant of track machines and hydraulic drives”, tractor T150 of the Kharkov Tractor Plant and a number of other enterprises in Belarus and Russia. We produce rings from special cast iron for sealing the shafts of transmissions, hydromechanical gearboxes, hydraulic transmissions (UGP 230, UGP 1000, GP 300, etc.). We offer rings with different types of locks – straight, angle, labyrinth seals. Alloyed ductile iron or gray cast iron can be used upon customer’s request. For running-in rings we use tin coating, phosphating. To increase the wear resistance, we use the method of ion-plasma hardening. This method makes it possible to harden to a depth of 0.4 mm the working surface of rings made of ductile iron up to 800 HV, of gray cast iron – up to 550 HV. To work in tandem with our rings, we supply, offer and recommend using bushings made of special cast irons of similar brands.

Catalog number, name Tehnolit number Material, coating D, mm B, mm T, mm
1802-3600094 – sealing ring High quality cast iron-100
569-20.02.224 – sealing ring У605.20.30Ш High quality cast iron-100 60,5 2,0 3,0
569-11.02.052 – sealing ring У90.35.25 КШ High quality cast iron-100 90,0 3,5 2,5
Other components for special equipment
Mortar of the MGLA 90Z smoke screen system (analogue of the 902 “Tucha” system)
O-rings for hydraulic transmissions UGP 230 and UGP300
50-330А-91 У57.30.275К
50-320-72 У75.30.35К
53-320-52 У135.40.50К
53-330-52V У160.50.50А
50-330-95V У290.50.80А

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