Component parts for engines 5D49 and 14D40 (OJSC “Kolominsky plant”)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
For engines of type 14D40
14D40.22.12 – compression ring top К230.80.80УЛШ-MNL
14D40.22.16 – compression ring lower К230.80.80УПШ-1ТМNL
14D40.22.08 – top oil scraper ring М230.100.80УЛШ-1СМL
14D40.22.08 – oil scraper ring lower М230.100.80УЛШ-2СМL
40D17.6.SB – bushing
D45.17.5SB – bushing
D45.17.04.1А -pin
D45.35.13SB – bushing
30D.35.16SB-4 – bushing
40D.35.18SB-1- bushing
14D40.36.01-1 – cylinder liner
11D40.78SB – guide bush
11D40.78-01SB – guide bush
11D40.78.3SPCH – ring
11D40.78.08 – bushing
11D40.78.19 – guide bush
11D40.78.19-01 – guide bush
30D.91.20.6 – guide bush
30D.92.09.4 – bushing
30D.78.12.7 – nut
30D.78.66.7 – nut
40D.66.72-4 – sealing ring У110.45.45А
40D.66.82-5 – sealing ring У85.45.35А
D45.65.43 – sealing ring У75.40.35К
D45.65.43-R1 – sealing ring У75.45.35К-Р1
D45.65.43-R2 – sealing ring У75.50.35К-Р2
40D.169.04.2 – gasket
40D.169.06.2 – gasket
14D40.169.128 – gasket
D45.107.17-1 – ring
30D.36.05.5 – gasket
For engines of type 5D49
1-5D49.22.03 – compression ring top К260.55.80УЛШ-1ТМNL
1-5D49.22.03 – compression ring top К260.55.80УЛШ-1ТХL
1-5D49.22.04 – compression ring С260.60.85УПШ-МNL
1-5D49.22.05 – oil scraper ring М260.60.85УПШ-1СМNL
1-5D49.22.08- 4 – oil scraper rin М260.85.85УЛШ-2СNL
1-5D49.22.08-4 – oil scraper ring М260.85.97Ш-Х-СБ
5D49.22.05-3 – pin
5D49.17.06-3 – pin
5D49.17.6SB – bushing
5D49.12.34R- bushing
5D49.12.34R-01- bushing
5D49.12.34R-02- bushing
5D49.12.34R-03- bushing
4D49.35.25 – ring
4D49.35.26-1 – ring
D49.35.27-1 – shell
4D49.36.2SPCH – bushing (oil cap)
6D49.36.01-1-Т- cylinder liner
6D49.36spch-1-01 – cylinder bushing assy
6D49.36spch-4– cylinder bushing assy
6D49.36.02.1 – cylinder liner shirt
6D49.36.04 – nut
4D49.36.05 – gasket
5D49.78.11 – guide bush
5D49.78.11-01 – guide bush
5D49.78.3SPCH – bushing
5D49.78.3SPCH-01 – bushing
5D49.78.04.01 – bushing
5D49.78.5SPCH- cuff
D49.78.10.2 – bushing
D49.78.22 –nut
D49.107.16 – gasket
D49 107. 20 – bushing
D49.107.34-01- gasket
D49.107.34-02- gasket
D49.107.34-03- gasket
D49.107.34-04- gasket
6D49 92 36 – bushing
6D49.92.38 – bushing
4D49.92.04.1 – bushing
4D49.92.14 – cylinder
2-5D49.169.121 – gasket
2-5D49.169.120 – gasket
D49.123.13 – gasket
D49.123.18 – gasket
2-5D49.189.70 – gasket
2-5D49.2.05 – half ring


Diesels of the D49 series are four-stroke, Y-shaped, 8 (12, 16, 20) cylinder with gas turbine supercharging, charge air cooling and direct fuel injection.

They are used on mainline and shunting diesel locomotives, mobile power plants, stationary drilling and ship installations. Diesel series 14D40 is a 12-cylinder two-stroke engine of single action, with a single-flow valve-slot blowdown, with a two-row (6 in a row) V-shaped arrangement of cylinders and a combined two-stage pressurization system. Used on locomotives of the M62 series.

The range of products (piston rings, pins, cylinder bushings, valve guide bushings, bimetallic bushings and other engine parts) are shipped to JSC “Belarusian Railways”, JSC “Russian Railways”, repair organizations of the Russian Federation, Belarus and neighboring countries.

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