Accessories for the tractor “Belarus”

Tehnolit is a specializing company in production of components and spare parts for automotive, railway, agricultural and special machinery.

For a long time we have been supplying components and spare parts for the tractor “Belarus” to JSC “MTZ”.

Tractor series “Belarus” is a wheeled tractor for general purpose. The tractor is designed to perform agricultural, transport, road-building, ameliorative and other works in combination with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines.

Tehnolit produces a wide range of accessories and spare parts for tractor “Belarus”, such as:

1. Sealing rings, used for sealing shafts of transmissions with different execution of the lock (straight, with right or left tilt at 45º, overlapped, hooked);
2. Sleeves and guides, working as slide bearings, as well as paired with rings of our manufacture.

Accessories are made of gray and high-strength cast iron with spheroidal graphite (BC-80).

We provide a guarantee on our products, provide prompt delivery to all regions of the country. Buy products in Russia and Ukraine can be found at our dealers (,, Our specialists will answer your questions and help you choose the right accessories.

Ring designation Name D, mm d, mm L, mm
1221-180233 ring sealing 50 2,4 2,2
1221-180233-B ring sealing 50 2,4 2,2
86-1802083 ring sealing 70 3 2,5
86-1802047 ring sealing 125 3 4,2
142-1701381 ring sealing 80 3 2,5
80-1701382 ring sealing 175 3 5
142-1701381-А ring sealing
52-1802097-А ring
1802-3600094 ring sealing
2522-4202022-А bushing
3522-1802333 ring sealing
3522-1601062 bushing
2522-180202022-А bushing

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