AK-150MKV; AK-150SV (OA “Banner”)


The AK-150 compressor is designed to provide compressed air to any pneumatic devices that are used in many areas of production, as well as in various air and ground vehicles.

Serial deliveries of cast iron rings (HNV) and a wide range of compressor components (cylinders, pistons, etc.), various types of repair and testing of compressors with the issuance of a passport for the unit. Compressor components made of various grades of aluminum: pistons – В95Т1, cylinder jackets – АЛ4.

We apply a graphite-molybdenum coating to the pistons, which makes it possible to exclude the process of piston scuffing at the moment of starting the units. Deliveries of compressors, rings and components to JSC MMZ Znamya, JSC 140 Repair Plant and other consumers and repair organizations in the near and far abroad.

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