Component parts for the 3D6,3D12 engine (JSC “Barnraultransmash”)


Technolit manufactures components for 3D-6 / 3D-12, UTD20, B2 engines. We use special nodular cast iron (analogue of VCh-100) as a material for the cylinder liner of a tank engine. Liners made from blanks obtained by freeze casting are distinguished by a given distribution of structural components along the wall thickness, which, in addition to high strength characteristics, provides an increase in wear resistance and cavitation resistance in comparison with steel analogs. We manufacture the sleeves on the new German DMG equipment, which ensures high quality processing. We produce piston rings, valve guides from special wear-resistant cast irons with high performance properties. Installation of a cylinder-piston group of our production guarantees reliable engine operation and an increase in the service life.

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