Components for the AK-150 compressor

Compressor AK-150 is designed to provide compressed air for any pneumatic devices that are used in many areas of production, as well as in various air and ground equipment.

Features of the device:

– high efficiency;
– easy operation and maintenance;
– presence of cooling ribs on the cylinder jackets, providing effective heat removal from the working area;
– protection against overheating;
– The compressor is able to operate at temperatures from – 60 ºС to + 60 ºС;
– Working pressure produced by compressor – 150 kgf/cm2.

The unit is driven through a rotating shaft, which is connected to the motor. In general, this model is distinguished by its relatively high technical characteristics, as well as reliability.

High pressure compressor AK-150 has its own design features. Cylinders are located V – shaped, at some distance from each other, so that during prolonged operation, each piston cools separately, without heating the neighboring.

The cylinder-jacketed heads have special fins that are designed for passive cooling of the system. The cooling air flow along the fins promotes rapid heat exchange and transfer of heat to the environment. The AK-150 compressor is capable of operating at temperatures from – 60 ºC to + 60 ºC with the operating system not losing its efficiency. The maximum possible pressure that this unit is capable of producing is 150 atmospheres, and the efficiency and speed of operation will depend on the specific application. There is a special lubrication system inside the compressor, which feeds oil under pressure to every channel of the mechanism during its operation.

Tehnolit company offers you to buy a compressor AK-150 and its modifications, new or restored after overhaul, with full compliance of its technical characteristics with the current normative documentation.

We also offer to purchase spare parts and components for the compressor AK-150 and its modifications.

Catalogue number Name
AK150CB / AK150MKB Compressor (brand new)
AK150CB / AK150MKB Compressor (renewal)**
Repair kit
АК150В-005 cover
АК150В-009 nut
AK 150B-010СБ 3rd stage connecting rod complete
AK 150B-011СБ main connecting rod complete
АК150С-12 compressor head complete
AK150B-013 clip
АК150С-14 compressor head complete
АК150Н-15СБ cylinder of the 3rd stage complete (MKB, CB)
АК150Н-16 cylinder head complete with valve seat without valves (MKB)
АК150Н-17СБ 1st stage cylinder complete(MKB)
АК150С-18СБ 1st stage cylinder complete Ø38,46 (CB)
AK150C-19CБ cylinder head complete with valves for cylinder АК150С-18СБ (CB)
АК150-017 (У46.15.20) pressure ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150-018 (У40.15.175) pressure ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150-019 (М40.15.175) piston oil control ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150-020 (У35.15.15) pressure ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150-021 (У38.15.15) compression ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150-022 (М38.15.15) piston oil control ring(chug. HNV)
АК150В-22 1st stage piston without piston rings for cylinder АК150В-034 (CB)
АК150Н-22СБ cylinder head complete with valves
АК150В-23 1st stage cylinder piston complete with rings for cylinder АК150В-034(CB)
AK150-26 рiston pin assembled
AK150-27 рiston pin assembled
АК150Н-31 рiston of the 3rd stage(MKB,CB)
АК150Н-32 3rd stage cylinder piston complete (MKB, CB)
AK150B-33CБ stage 3 exhaust valve
AK150B-033 washer
АК150В-034 1st stage cylinder (CB)
АК150-035 Spring
AK150H-035СБ connecting rod 3 stage complete
АК150Н-36 piston pin assembled
АК150-036 Spring
AK150B-36Cб 2nd and 3rd stage suction valve
AK150B-38Cб 2nd stage exhaust valve
AK150Н-39 Eccentric with con roads (unit)
AK150Н-39-Р Eccentric with con roads (unit) renewal
АК150В-040 2nd and 3rd stage suction valve
АК150Н-40 1, 2st stage cylinder piston (MKB)
АК150С-40 cylinder head complete with valve seat without valves for cylinder АК150С-18СБ (СВ)
АК150Н-41 1, 2st stage cylinder piston complete (MKB)
AK150-041 lock washer
АК150В-042 nut
AK150C-45 1st stage cylinder piston complete with rings for cylinder АК150С-18СБ (СВ)
AK150B-050 strip
AK150C-52СБ Eccentric with con roads (unit)
AK150C-52СБ-Р Eccentric with con roads (unit) renewal
AK150B-052 valve
AK150B-053 strip
AK150N-055 1 stage cylinder
AK150B-057 spacer 0.3 mm
АК150Н-059 cap
AK150B-60Cб stage 1 suction valve
АК150Н-060 gasket
АК150Н-061 strip
AK150-066 spacer 0.3 mm
АК150-071 (М35.15.15) piston oil control ring (cast iron HNV)
АК150Н-082-1 (М46.15.20) piston oil control ring (cast iron HNV)
AK150B-085 1.5 mm gasket
AK150-089 0.25 mm strip
АК150В-089 nut
AK150-091 0.25 mm strip
AK150B-095 washer 0.3 mm
AK150B-099 lock washer
АК150С-100 1st stage cylinder piston complete without piston rings for cylinder АК150С-18СБ (СВ)
AK150B-103 washer
AK150B-104 strip
AK150B-105 rubber ring
AK150B-106 lock washer
АК150В-110 saddle
AK150B-111 spring
AK150B-116 spring
АК150В-128 valve body
АК150В-130 fitting
АК150В-131 fitting
AK150B-132 o-ring
AK150B-133 o-ring
АК150В-134 o-ring
АК150В-135 valve body
АК150В-197 counterclockwise washer
AK150B-208 strip
АК150В-213 suction valve
АК150В-216 nut
АК150В-218 fitting

* Terms of delivery EXW Mogilev, Belarus

**Renewal, the following must be replaced:

– all spacers, washers, stoppers, etc.

– piston rings;

– cylinders;

– connecting rod bushings, piston pins;

– valve;

– pistons (if necessary);

– cylinder head or valve (as required).

Compressors are tested and run in. Based on the results, a new passport with a guarantee is issued.

Warranty for a new compressor 600 hours, renewal – 300 hours.

Аpplication 1

Repair kit

Catalogue number Name Q, pcs
АК150В-050 lock washer 1
АК150В-053 strip 1
АК150В-085 strip Set
АК150В-095 washer 3
АК150В-099 lock washer 1
АК150В-103 washer 1
АК150В-104 strip 1
АК150В-105 rubber ring 2
АК150В-106 lock washer 1
АК150В-116 Spring 1
АК150Н-041 strip 1
AK150B-133 o-ring 1
АК150В-134 o-ring 2
AK150B-208 strip 1
АК150-041 lock washer 1
АК150-055 1
АК150-056 strip 2
АК150-057 strip 2
АК150-089 strip Set
АК150-090 strip 1+2
АК150-091 strip Set
5Н65ГОКС 14
6Н65ГОКС 16
33М51-22-16,2 washer 8

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