Component parts for engines D-100 (Malyshev Plant LLC)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
D100.04.018 – compression ring К207.79.70Ш-ХL
D100.04.101 – compression ring К207.79.70УЛШ-МNL
D100.04.016-2 – oil scraper ring М207.63.70УПШ-1СМL
D100.04.017-2 – oil scraper ring М207.63.79УЛШ-1СМПL


Diesels of the D100 series are two-stroke, 10-cylinder single-row with counter-moving pistons (20 pistons), direct fuel injection, direct-flow blowdown.

The range of products (piston rings; cylinder bushings (under production development for 2020), bushings and other engine parts) are supplied to JSC “Belarusian Railways”, JSC “Russian Railways”, to repair organizations in the near and far abroad.

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