Component parts for engines D50 (PAO Penzadieselmash)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
D50.04.011А compression ring top К318.53.100УПШ-2ТМL
D50.04.006 – scraper compression ring К318.49.100 УЛШ-МL
D50.04.006 – scraper compression ring Д50.04.006-TL
D50.04.007– oil scraper ring М318.79.100УПШ-2СМL
D50.04.007– oil scraper ring Д50.04.007-ТL
D50М.01.002-Т – cylinder liner
PD2.01.002- cylinder liner
D50.18.011 У178.38.55УЛ
1PD4.18.075 – gas joint ring У145.48.50УЛ
D50.24.003 – connecting rod bushing Д50.24.003-Т
D50.29.219 – paronite gasket
D50.34.055 – paronite gasket
ТЭ3.02.108 – gasket


Since 2011, we have started serial deliveries of piston rings for engines, and since 2008, O-rings with labyrinth seals for 6TK turbochargers at Penzadieselmash JSC.

Diesels series D50 – in-line 6-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with water cooling. It is used in railway and water transport.

The range of products (piston rings; cylinder bushings, guide bushings and other engine parts) is supplied not to the assembly line of Penzadieselmash JSC, to repair organizations of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countries.

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