Component parts for compressors EK-4V; EK-7 (JSC “Transpnevmatika”)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
Piston rings for compressors
EК7А.03.012 –(instead of caprolon) У112.40.40
EК 7А.03.012-01 (EК4.09.001) С112.30.40
EК 7А.03.013-01 (EК4.09.002) М112.50.40
EК7А.03.013 (profile – "eagle beak") М112.30.40УП-1СМ
EК4.03.012 –( analogue EК7А.03.012-01) У112.30.40УЛ-М
EК4.03.013К -1 (instead of caprolon) М112.60.40


Compressors of the EK4 / EK7 series are single-stage, two-cylinder, with a horizontal arrangement of cylinders. Purpose: brake systems and pneumatic devices of trolley buses, tram cars, excavators; brake systems and pneumatic devices for electric trains and other equipment. Rings made of special wear-resistant cast iron obtained by directional solidification (NCLN: freezing). Compressor accessories: piston pin, bushings, plates, gaskets made of various materials, etc.

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