Component parts for compressors KVDG

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
У32х2 – piston ring У32.20.175
У85х3 – piston ring У85.30.325
М85х5 – oil scraper ring М85.50.32
К-06-02 – piston pin
К-05-05 – bushing bronze


Compressors of the KVD series are high-pressure compressors, used on land (KVD-G: G – mounted on a horizontal plate) and on sea transport (KVD-M: M – in marine version). The compressor belongs to the type of special compressors and is intended mainly for filling the starting cylinders of various diesel engines with air.

The range of products (piston rings, pins, bushings and other parts) is supplied to repair organizations in the Russian Federation, Belarus and neighboring countries. Rings made of ductile cast iron with nodular graphite and special wear-resistant cast iron with lamellar graphite obtained by the directional solidification method (NCLN: freezing) have improved wear resistance properties, taking into account modern material requirements.

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