Component parts for engines M500, M400 (PAO “Zvezda”)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
504.02.236-1А – block sleeve 504.02.236-1А-ТС
503.02.236А – block sleeve 503.02.236А-ТС
501.04.004 – piston pin 501.04.004-Т
504.04.208B – compression ring top К160.31.57УПШ-2ТNL
504.04.217– oil scraper ring lower К160.25.60КШL
504.04.228 – oil scraper ring М160.25.60УПШ-1СNL
501-05.033– connecting rod pin 501-05.033-Т
501-05.044– connecting rod pin 501-05.044-Т
503-08.035– sealing ring У90.20.31
503-19.055– sealing ring У156.25.40УЛ
504-19.111– sealing ring У180.25.40УЛШ
470.25.130– sealing ring У45.23.23
632.10.020 – sealing ring У215.40.65УП
473.15.006– sealing ring У260.40.90
773.25.024 – sealing ring У60.25.25
М-509324 R – sealing ring У63.25.25
503Б-45.318– sealing ring У248.35.70
501-07.043– sealing ring У310.30.100
507.58.054– sealing ring У380.345.125
501-07-042– sealing ring У380.35.125
507-58-042– sealing ring У440.40.140
507-58-038– sealing ring У505.40.160
15М.04.19SB-3БSB– bushing 15М.04.19сб-3Б-ТС
М04.07SPCH-Т – intake valve
М04.08SPCH-Т – release valve
11М.01.22.4/11М.01.23.4 – root liner
11М.01.32.4/11М.01.33.4 – root liner
11М.01.34.4/11М.01.35.4 – root liner
11М.01.75.4/11М.01.76.4 – root liner
11М.07.35SP- connecting rod bearing (pair) 11М.07.35СП-Т
1М.04.31- cover gasket
1М.04.40- intake valve guide 1М.04.40-Т
1М.04.41- release valve guide 1М.04.41-Т
1М.04.43- intake and exhaust valve seat 1М.04.43-Т
15М.04.104 – bushing Т08-15М.04.104
15М.04.104 – bushing (steel) 15М.04.104-ТС
15М.04.74А – thrust ring
15М.04.72А – intermediate ring
11М.07.29SP- connecting rod mechanism 11М.07.29СП-Т
11М.07.02А – top oil scraper ring М180.30.65УПШ-МNL
11М.07.092 – oil scraper ring lower М180.30.65УПШ-MNL
11М.07.137 – sealing ring К180.29.65КШ
11М.07.143 – compression ring top К180.28.62УПШ-2ТNL
11М.07.143 – compression ring. top К180.28.62УПШ-2ТХL
11М.07.94B – oil scraper ring М180.28.62УПШ-2ТМNL
11М.07.151 – top oil scraper ring М180.30.65УПШ-1СМNL
11М.07.152 – oil scraper ring lower М180.30.65УПШ-1СМПNL
6910.02 –oil scraper ring М180.61.65ШNL
11М07.151+11М.07.152 М180.61.65УПШ-2СМNL
11М.07.193/240 – piston
1М07.16 – piston pin 1М.07.16-Т
11М.07.18– connecting rod pin 11М.07.18-Т
11М.15.772 – sealing ring У160.30.60
760.17.07-1 – sealing ring У2103.30.90УП
1М32.12 – piston ring (fuel pump) У60.20.30Ш
756А 45 70/756А 45 90 – ротор
1М.57.20 – gasket
420.06.603-Т – camshaft
С-718762– bushing С-718762


Diesels of the M400 series (12CHSN 18/20) are a marine piston 12-cylinder V-shaped four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine. High-speed, multi-speed, high-performance engines installed on hydrofoils. Diesel engines of the M500 series (ChN16 / 17) belong to the family of light high-speed four-stroke water-cooled diesel engines with direct fuel injection and gas turbine supercharging.

They consist of two compartments, each with 56 cylinders working on its own shaft. The compartment cylinders are arranged in the form of a 7-pointed star. The range of products (piston rings; cylinder bushings; guide bushings and other engine parts) is used at the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant (KMZ), is supplied to the near and far abroad, etc.

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