M500, M400 (PAO “Zvezda”)


Diesels of the M400 series (12CHSN 18/20) are a marine piston 12-cylinder V-shaped four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine. High-speed, multi-speed, high-performance engines installed on hydrofoils. Diesel engines of the M500 series (ChN16 / 17) belong to the family of light high-speed four-stroke water-cooled diesel engines with direct fuel injection and gas turbine supercharging.

They consist of two compartments, each with 56 cylinders working on its own shaft. The compartment cylinders are arranged in the form of a 7-pointed star. The range of products (piston rings; cylinder bushings; guide bushings and other engine parts) is used at the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant (KMZ), is supplied to the near and far abroad, etc.

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