M756 (PAO “Zvezda”)


M756 series engine: 12-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine with V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, gas turbine supercharging from a single turbocharger. The engine is designed for installation on diesel trains and railcars. The range of products (piston rings, pistons, pins, cylinder bushings; liners; connecting rods, monoblocks and other engine parts; rings, rotors, impellers and other components of the TKR23 turbocharger) are used at JSC Belarusian Railways, JSC Russian Railways, PJSC Zvezda “, etc. Pistons made of AK12D aluminum. The production method is hot stamping. Piston blanks obtained by hot stamping have improved mechanical properties, as well as high metal continuity, as a result of which the service life of the cylinder-piston group and the engine as a whole increases. Liners made of 38Kh2MYuA steel are subjected to the process of ion-plasma nitriding, which increases the wear resistance of the liners and the engine life. Liners made of ductile cast iron with spheroidal graphite, obtained by the “NTSLN” method, have a highly dispersed structure, as well as improved mechanical properties. They have been tested, are supplied and continue to operate on the engines of the Belarusian railway. A liner with such a structure has increased wear resistance, as a result of which both the service life of the CPG and the engine as a whole increases.

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