Component parts for compressors VU 3.5 / 10-1450 (JSC “Transpnevmatika”)

Ring designation
Catalog number Tehnolit number
U110 PК-35.04.003 – sealing ring У110.30.40УЛ
М110 PК-35.04.004-1– oil scraper ring М110.50.40УЛ
U190 PК-35.03.003 – sealing ring У190.50.65УЛ
М190 PК-35.03.004-1 – oil scraper ring М190.60.65УЛ
VU-3,5/10.04.003-01 – sealing ring У110.30.40УП
VU -3,5/10.04.004-2 – oil scraper ring М110.50.40УП
VU 3,5/10.03.005 – sealing ring У198.40.65УП
VU 3,5/10.03.003 – oil scraper ring М198.65.70УП


The compressor is two-stage, two-cylinder, with a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. Purpose: brake systems and pneumatic devices of locomotives and other vehicles of railway transport.

Rings made of special wear-resistant cast iron obtained by directional solidification (NCLN: freezing). Restoration of compressor cylinders by inserting and boring liners to the nominal size of the rings.

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