Spare parts for turbocharges

 "Tehnolit" more than 15 years produces sealing rings for turbochargers. In stock and on order more than 600 sizes of rings with a diameter of 9-85 mm. A wide range of repair sizes makes it easier to repair the turbocharger.

Production of details of the hinge of the rotor shaft (bushings, washers, oil-reflectors) from special cast iron with nodular graphite was replaced with steel. This allowed to increase the wear resistance of parts of this type, thereby increasing the service life of the turbocharger.

We produce sliding bearings of special antifriction bronze, obtained by the technology of continuous horizontal casting.

We supply rings for assembly pipelines of PJSC "Kamaz" (Russia), NPO "Turbotekhnika" (Russia), "Borisov Plant of Aggregates" (Belarus), and more than 50 companies involved in the production and repair of turbochargers.


Sealing rings for the turbocharger - one of the most important and complex products in the aggregation. They serve to seal the gas-oil unit TCR. The rings are mounted on the rotor shaft, the rotation speed of which can reach 200'000 rpm. To work under such conditions, the sealing rings must have high elasticity - to avoid cranking, high wear resistance - for long and stable operation of the unit and perfect geometry - to prevent oil leaks.

Technolit is the first company in the world to master the production of O-rings with a diameter of less than 10 mm from high-strength cast irons, instead of steels.

Spare parts for turbocharges