Galvanic tinning

To improve the running-in of the rings during the initial period of operation, the technology of galvanic tinning was mastered. Tinning is the process of processing spare parts by galvanic technology in various industries.

Galvanic tinning is performed in acidic and alkaline electrolytes. Tin coating by means of galvanic tinning takes place due to high-quality adhesion to the base metal, as well as the ability to form a smooth and low-porosity coating even on the details of complex technical forms that take place in the production process of the “Technolit” plant.

It is necessary to highlight the advantages of parts subjected to galvanic tinning: good elasticity and plasticity; high adhesion strength to the base metal; chemical resistance; resistance to operation in humid and hot climates; resistance to deformation; more attractive appearance; additional treatment in glycerine allows to increase the gloss and increase the resistance to corrosion during storage in rings created on the basis of the “Technolit” plant.

Galvanic tinning Galvanic tinning